Galileo Genomics Inc. is dedicated to the discovery of true disease genes (those that unequivocally cause disease) in common and complex diseases. The result of this discovery will be gene-validated targets that can lead directly and quickly to more effective drug therapies and diagnostics that treat the root causes of the diseases, and not just the symptoms, as is the case with most of today’s drugs. Galileo’s scientists have a proven track record in disease gene discovery with seven successful examples of gene mapping, including Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and multiple sclerosis.

Galileo’s research relies on the study of genetic data collected from the Quebec Founder Population, a population of 6 million distantly related individuals descended from a small group of roughly 2,600 common effective ancestors that arrived from France between 1608 and 1760.

Founder Populations contain a relatively homogeneous gene pool, a distinct advantage that is being pursued by Galileo to link genes with the diseases they cause. Galileo is building a Biobank of DNA and other tissue samples from the Quebec population to discover true disease genes. Galileo is seeking partners in the biopharmaceutical industry to develop therapies based on these disease genes and to share risk through the disease gene discovery process.

Galileo has initiated several substantial research programs for the discovery of genes in common human genetic diseases that will be used as targets for drug development programs and diagnostic applications. The company is also developing innovative new research technologies for DNA genotyping, genome-wide scanning, and genetic analysis.

Galileo Genomics Inc. is a privately owned, Montreal-based (Quebec, Canada) genetic research company. Founded in 1999, Galileo has a staff of over 65, including 19 experienced Ph.D. scientists and people with advanced skills in all facets of disease gene discovery. The company occupies a new 26,000 square foot head office and laboratory facility located in the technology-intense Montreal suburb of St. Laurent. Galileo also has a US office near Baltimore, Maryland, and a regional office in Chicoutimi, Quebec.

Galileo’s board and management team have held positions with a number of successful pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Pharmacia, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. The CSO and the Directors of Clinical Research and Genetics are founders of the company, and they have been joined by experienced and expert managers in IT, bioinformatics, laboratory management, quality control, molecular biology, and genotyping R&D.

The company’s CEO has founded highly successful life science businesses and has completed multiple financings, M&A; deals, and public offerings. Galileo’s Scientific Advisory Board includes world leaders in statistical and mammalian genetics.

Galileo has over $23 million in equity and debt financing (see press releases) in addition to other sources of revenue. The company signed its first strategic alliance with Myriad Genetics in August 1999 for three diseases: Coronary Heart Disease, Obesity, and Depression.