Testosterone is the male steroid intercourse hormone. It is produced commonly withinside the testes. It controls the improvement of male reproductive tissues and secondary sexual characteristics. In women the ovaries and adrenal glands are the main webweb sites of production. Serum degrees range with age and are commonly 10-20 times extra in adult males as compared to women.


The testosterone SPARCL 1 (Spatial Proximity Analyte Reagent Capture Luminescence, ref 1) assay makes use of a aggressive format. Testosterone found in samples competes for binding of testosterone-HRP to a testosterone antibody this is conjugated to acridan, a chemiluminescent substrate. When testosterone-HRP binds to anti-testosterone-acridan, HRP and acridan are delivered into proximity. With the addition of hydrogen peroxide, HRP catalyzes oxidation of proximal acridan molecules inflicting a flash of chemiluminescence. Acridan conjugated antibody that isn’t bound to testosterone-HRP produces no signal. This precept lets in the improvement of a no-wash assay that lets in fast size of testosterone concentrations. During the assay, HRP-testosterone is first brought to wells of a 96- properly SPARCL plate2. Testosterone requirements and diluted samples are then brought. After quick blending, anti-testosterone-acridan is brought and the plate incubated on a shaker at 25oC and a hundred and fifty rpm. After thirty mins the plate is positioned right into a luminometer. Trigger answer containing hydrogen peroxide is injected into every properly and luminescence is right away measured. The awareness of testosterone is inversely proportional to luminescence and is derived from a preferred curve.


Materials furnished with the package:

  • Testosterone-HRP conjugate. Store ≤ -70oC
  •  Anti-testosterone acridan conjugate. Store ≤ -70oC
  •  Testosterone stock3.Store ≤ -70oC
  •  10 ml Dissociation buffer; SDB10-1, 10 ml
  •  Diluent; CSD50-1, 2 x 50 ml
  •  Trigger answer; TS7-1, 7 ml
  •  White SPARCL plate: 12 x 8-properly
  •  Clear untreated 96-properly plate

Materials required however now no longer furnished:

  •  Precision pipettes and tips
  •  Polypropylene tubes
  •  Vortex mixer
  •  Plate incubator/shaker
  • Luminometer able to simultaneous injection & size Curve becoming softwar


Store the testosterone-HRP, anti-testosterone-acridan and testosterone inventory vials at or below -70oC (they will be saved at – 20oC for one week).The the rest of the package need to be saved refrigerated at 2-8oC. The SPARCL plate need to be saved in a sealed bag with desiccant and antioxidant. The package will continue to be stable for as a minimum six months from the date of purchase, furnished that the additives are saved as described.


  1. The dilution buffer, dissociation buffer and 8-properly strips used in the assay need to be allowed to attain room temperature (25oC) earlier than use.
  2. It is everyday for crystals to shape withinside the dissociation buffer. They may be dissolved via way of means of putting the sealed bottle in a beaker of lukewarm water and sometimes agitating the bottle.
  3.  It is crucial that reagents be brought to the SPARCL plate in a well timed manner. Testosterone-HRP and diluted samples need to be brought to the plate and combined inside five min. Acridan conjugate have to be brought to the plate inside an extra five min previous to the 30-minute incubation.


Serum and fluid samples. Prior to trying out, serum and peritoneal fluid samples have to be handled with dissociation buffer SDB10-1 to dissociate testosterone from intercourse hormone binding globulin. Use the following manner for every pattern.

Step 1. In a microcentrifuge tube blend 50.0 l of pattern with 50.0 l of dissociation buffer: SDB10-1. Cap the tube and incubate for at least 10 mins at room temperature. At this point, the pattern has been diluted 2-fold.

Step 2. The dissociated samples have to be in addition diluted as a minimum an extra 20-fold to keep away from matrix consequences on account of the dissociation buffer. This may be executed via way of means of blending 25 l of the dissociated pattern organized in step 1, with 475 l of CSD50-1 diluent. Please notice that this represents a 40-fold dilution of the authentic pattern. If in addition dilution is needed, use diluent CSD50-1. Saliva and Urine. Pretreatment with dissociation buffer isn’t important for saliva and urine. However, while trying out human samples, we located that saliva and urine needed to be diluted as a minimum 10- fold and 20-fold respectively, with CSD50-1, to remove matrix consequences. Optimal dilutions have to be decided via way of means of the cease user.

After preparation, we suggest that the diluted samples be aliquoted into suitable wells of the clean 96-properly polystyrene plate. This lets in fast switch of 50 l aliquots to the SPARCL plate the use of a multipipettor. If the use of this method, make certain that an excess quantity is aliquoted into the clean plate to make certain whole switch of 50 l aliquots to the SPARCL plate.


1. Before beginning the assay make certain that the luminometer is primed with cause answer and that the injection needle is located in the injection port.

2. Secure the favored wide variety of SPARCL 8-properly strips withinside the holder. Immediately seal unused strips withinside the resealable bag with desiccant and antioxidant. Store unused strips at 2-8oC.

3. Aliquot 25.0 l of HRP-testosterone blend into every properly.

4. Dispense 50.0 l of requirements and diluted samples into the wells. We suggest that requirements and samples be examined in triplicate.

5. Briefly blend the pattern and HRP-testosterone for 10 seconds on an orbital shaker at a hundred and fifty rpm.

6. Aliquot 25.0 l of anti-testosterone-acridan blend into every properly.

7. Incubate on an orbital micro-plate shaker at a hundred and fifty rpm and 25C for 30 mins.

8. After the 30-minute incubation, location the plate withinside the luminometer and degree luminescence after injection of 37.fivel cause answer

9. Remove the plate from the luminometer and discard the used strips. Keep the plate body if destiny use is intended.


1. Before calculating results, evaluation the uncooked information. If artefacts (RLU spikes) are obvious right away after injection of cause answer, remove that part of the luminescence profile from evaluation for all wells.

2. Using graphing software, assemble a preferred curve via way of means of plotting the luminescence (RLU) for the requirements as opposed to the log10 of the testosterone awareness.

3. Fit the information the use of a sigmoidal four-parameter logistic equation.

4. Derive the corresponding awareness of testosterone withinside the samples from the same old curve (don’t forget to derive the awareness from the antilog).

5 Multiply the derived awareness via way of means of the dilution element to decide the awareness of testosterone withinside the pattern.

6. If the RLU values of diluted samples fall outdoor the same old curve, samples need to be diluted accurately and re-examined.

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TYPICAL STANDARD CURVE A standard preferred curve with RLU plotted at the Y-axis as opposed to testosterone concentrations at the X-axis is proven below. This curve is for instance most effective and need to now no longer be used to calculate unknowns

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