Use: sufficient for 180 colorimetric tests

Detection method: colorimetric

Storage temperature: 2-8 ° C

General description

Bilirubin, also known as hematoidin, is a breakdown product formed as a result of the catabolism of heme in the liver. Bilirubin circulates in the bloodstream as unconjugated insoluble form (indirect bilirubin) or in conjugated form with soluble glucuronide (direct bilirubin). Conjugated bilirubin moves from the bile canaliculi of the liver to the gallbladder, where it is excreted into the small intestine during digestion. High levels of bilirubin can lead to jaundice and may indicate liver disease, blood disorders, or a blocked bile duct.


The Bilirubin Assay Kit has been used to measure the total bilirubin concentration in samples.

Features and Benefits

Compatible with high performance handling systems. It can be adapted for use with cuvettes.


Suitable for the detection of total and conjugated bilirubin in serum and plasma samples.


This assay, based on the Jendrassik-Grof method, uses the reaction of bilirubin with diazotized sulfanilic acid which results in a colorimetric product measured at 530 nm, proportional to the bilirubin present in the sample. This test kit measures both total and conjugated bilirubin.

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