For greater than 22 years, Neptune has provided tremendous price and verified nice. Neptune’s sizable line of established pipette suggestions and barrier suggestions deal with liquid coping with desires of the busiest academic, medical and studies laboratories across the world. To make certain that Neptune Pipette suggestions carry out as well in our fingers as they do in ours, we’ve outlined a few first-rate practices for the usage of suggestions withinside the lab.

Compatibility The unmarried best contributing element to liquid coping with overall performance is fit, Pipette suggestions paintings with pipettes as a unified gadget and the higher the fit, the more the general accuracy and precision. Mounting suggestions onto a pipette ought to be executed with organization downward pressure. You ought to now no longer have to time and again pound the pipette onto the suggestions. This can’t best purpose harm in your pipette, however additionally growth your hazard for Repetitive stress injury (RSI). A exact seal will make certain entire draw and dispense of your pattern. However, you ought to additionally verify that the pipette you’re the usage of has been calibrated. Verify that your pipette is each correct and unique. For pipettes which can be used daily, it’s far recommended to have them calibrated each three months.

Product Handling

When saved properly, Neptune pipette suggestions have an extended shelf lifestyles and keep excessive nice overall performance. Store suggestions at room temperature and exercise a first in, first out (RFO) software for handling inventory. When now no longer in use hold the lids closed on tip racks to save you infection from airborne particulars. Avoid touching pipette suggestions together along with your fingers, even if gloved. Depending at the pattern answer which you are working with, there are alternatives to don’t forget in suggestions and pipetting technique. For example, Neptune’s suggestions with S3 era are best for viscous and/or valuable samples wherein shipping of each drop counts. Protect your paintings from infection with one of the enterprise’s maximum green aerosol clear out out assemblies. Our verified variety of clear out out pipette suggestions reliably save you aerosol switch to present you entire peace of mind whilst acting your maximum touchy assays.

Neptune Filter Tips are pre-sterile and examined to be unfastened of:

  • Human DNA
  • DNase & RNase
  • Endotoxins (Pyrogens)

The Optimus Rack

  1. Locking Clasp guarantees rack is securely closed – may be locked or unlocked with one hand
  2. Double Ball Hinge strengthened hinge layout survives multiple journeys thru autoclave and opens a complete one hundred eighty degrees
  3. Structural Support ribbing community constructed into base creating a strong platform
  4. Stable Corners redesigned base permitting you to pipette off the corners with out tipping the rack
  5. Environmentally Conscious synthetic with 1/three less plastic than main competitor racks whilst presenting top nice and strength Generate reproducible consequences in minimum time with minimum fuss. Our convenient, nice-examined pipette suggestions constantly supply unique pattern measurements in unmarried and multichannel pipettors.

Sample Saving Surface (S3)

Ensure the reproducibility of your consequences with the present day era in low-retention era. Made from our specific S3 polymer, Neptune pipette suggestions maintain certainly no fluids, permitting you to dispense simply correct pattern volumes:

  •  Slash retention of organic solutions
  •  Save your paintings from leach-susceptible silicone treatments
  •  Autoclave and use with entire confidence


  •  Eco-pleasant racks designed for minimal plastic consumption
  •  Easy-insertion, easy-ejection
  • S3 era assures the best recuperation of your valuable pattern
  • Available in Bulk, Racked, Sterile, Non-Sterile and ESP Reload Formats The Neptune ESP (Environmentally Sustainable Pack) System turned into designed to fulfill enterprise needs to decrease plastic waste via way of means of 90% and offer an environmentally pleasant answer.

Graduated tip 300 uL fine end bulk NEPTUNE

DD713042 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK1000 21.09 EUR

Inoculator 10 uL

DD42827 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK2000 125.4 EUR

Inoculator 10 uL

DD42830 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK2000 117.42 EUR

10 uL Syringe

MLCP-10muSYR-1 MiTeGen 10 uL 65 EUR

Single channel mini-pipette (130 mm) 10 ul, autoclavable

SCMP-10 Alpha Diagnostics 1 110.4 EUR

10 uL Inoculating Loop Yellow Sterile 10/BG

ARG1358 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK1000 229.14 EUR

AccuGreenâ„¢ Standard 2, 10 ng/uL

99820-T Biotium 1ML 111.6 EUR

T4 RNA Ligase, 10-20u/ul

BEL0021 Bio Basic 1KU 202.68 EUR

Calibrated Inoculating Loops 10 ul/4mm

ARG1372 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK5 363.66 EUR

Disposable yellow pipette tips (1-200 ul) for meat sample (10 box 96 tips)

YPT96-10 Alpha Diagnostics 1 pk 182.4 EUR

Cyanine3.5 azide, 500 uL, 10 mM/DMSO

32030 Lumiprobe 500 µl 218.4 EUR

Cyanine7 azide, 500 uL, 10 mM/DMSO

35030 Lumiprobe 500 µl 218.4 EUR

Cyanine7.5 azide, 500 uL, 10 mM/DMSO

36030 Lumiprobe 500 µl 218.4 EUR

Cyanine5.5 azide, 500 uL, 10 mM/DMSO

34030 Lumiprobe 500 µl 218.4 EUR

Cyanine3 azide, 100 uL, 10 mM/DMSO

11030 Lumiprobe 10 mM/DMSO 129.6 EUR

Cyanine5 azide, 500 uL, 10 mM/DMSO

33030 Lumiprobe 500 µl 218.4 EUR

Cyanine7 azide, 100 uL, 10 mM/DMSO

15030 Lumiprobe 100 µl 129.6 EUR

ESP suggestions offer a low fee opportunity as compared with racked product, whilst saving time now no longer having to load bulk suggestions. Neptune’s modern switch gadget permits you to reload your empty racks/trays with new suggestions in a unmarried movement. The patented switch card is designed to save you infection via way of means of minimizing the quantity of coping with whilst reloading empty racks/trays. The ESP gadget is to be had in unfiltered pipette tip reloads

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